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Wood-shaving plates


The Wood-shaving plates widely known as a material for manufacturing of furniture, are used by builders and as stenovoj a facing material.

The Obverse surface of these plates paste over with a polyvinylchloride film or fanerujut an interline interval from valuable breeds of a tree.

The Standard sizes of the plates used on building, 2000X500X16 and 2500X800X21 mm. They happen to various edges: can have grooves from two parties, a groove on the one hand and a crest with another, the quarter chosen on perimetre.

Transport wood-shaving plates in horizontal position. Put in pairs, a face sheet inside and lay a paper. Store indoors with humidity not above 60%. The stack should not be above 1,5 m.

In all cases of the panel krepjat on wooden skeletons. Only installation of panels depending on a little varies what edges have sheets of the given party.

Panels with a bilateral groove on vertical sides. The first put in a premise corner, press to a skeleton, check vertical position of lateral sides. Take a nail in length of 40 mm and diameter 1,6... 1,8 mm, easy blow of a hammer direct it to the right groove of the panel, and the subsequent blows, more feasibly, sew the panel to a skeleton. Now dobojnikom it is necessary to drown a nail head. Nails have on all height of the panel through 300... 400 mm.

The Second panel krepjat in the similar way, but leave a backlash from the first. In formed from grooves of two panels and a backlash space insert shponku which deliver complete with panels.

The Width of backlashes between panels depends on what quantity of the whole sheets is established on the given wall. To cut panels does not follow, therefore an arrangement them mark in advance.

Panels with a groove and a crest krepjat without a backlash. As well as in the first case, nails hammer into the right vertical groove. Bring the second sheet, and its crest hammer blow exhaust in a groove of the first sheet.

The Panels having on perimetre a quarter, put end-to-end, krepjat to a skeleton the nails hammered into a quarter.

On any site can happen that two adjacent panels form the quarters a groove. Then this groove should be closed an apportion, having strengthened its zinced screws.

The examples of facing of walls Resulted above sheet materials do not settle all variety of the industrial materials which have come to the rescue dressers and on many and many objects successfully replacing monolithic plaster. But also told convincingly confirms, as our trade has extended, has changed in the course of time. And every day develops further.