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Storage and transportation GKL


Gipsokartonnye sheets demand care: they rather easily break, crumble. In no event it is impossible to dump them at unloading!

Sheets transport in special containers in vertical position. Lateral trellised walls, the bottom, the top lath reliably protect them from damages. In the same containers their crane submit on a floor or the car, for this purpose at the top lath is sling skoby.

On building sheets usually transport in special carts. Their design is simple. Two welded tubular frames are connected below obvjazkoj on which the wooden flooring is laid. Four roller castors are below strengthened. Sheets put on an edge on a flooring, longitudinal folding frames connect above nakidnymi locks. The cart contains 15 sheets. It is transported easily by two workers.

Within a floor the sheet is transferred by two workers, holding it for edges in vertical position.

If it is necessary to transport urgently sheets from object on object, and the container is not present, them stack flatwise on a bottom of a motor vehicle without any linings and cords. If it is necessary to tie up nevertheless a stack it from above and from below obkladyvajut boards and watch that edges of boards acted from different directions on 5... 6 see If it not to make, cords will damage edges of sheets.

On plate building store, stacking them on an equal floor without linings and linings. It is necessary to watch, that edges of sheets did not act one over another - them easily to damage. And if a floor rough, it is necessary to do a flooring of boards or bars.

The Stack should not be above 2 m.

Gipsokartonnye sheets avoid damp, they should be stored in a dry place.