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Proveska of planes

The First operation at performance high-quality (majachnoj) plasters - check of walls and a ceiling. The purpose - to find out a deviation of these planes accordingly from a vertical and a horizontal.

For the six-ten years' practice I have studied and used many various ways proveski walls and the device of beacons.

Long since apply a method of check of planes proveshivaniem (fig. 33).

Proveshivanie of surfaces: and - vertical walls; - ceilings; in - the same, by means of water level; g - a facade (borders of window slopes); 1... 12 - gvozdevye marks; 13 - a ceiling; 14 - a shingle

a Fig. 33. proveshivanie surfaces :
And - vertical walls; - ceilings; in - the same, by means of water level; g - a facade (borders of window slopes); 1... 12 - gvozdevye marks; 13 - a ceiling; 14 - a shingle

That provesit walls, to the worker are necessary to a plumb a cord, a hammer, nails and a portable little table-podmosti.

In the top corner of a wall hammer in a nail, from it - through a nail hat - to a bottom lower a cord with a plumb and below on a plumb hammer in the second nail. The first and second angular nails hammer so that hats have defended from a wall surface for a prospective thickness of plaster. Between nails hardly pull a cord and, being guided by it, hammer in a nail in the middle. Operation repeat on an opposite corner.

Between nails of one and the second a corner pull cords - already across above and below - and on these cords too hammer in nails. To do it it is necessary so that the future beacons it was possible to arrange on distance 1,5... 2 m on length of a wall.

It is necessary to stretch cords on diagonals of a wall from the top corners to the opposite bottom. If these cords in any points concern walls - to cut down ledges, and if it is impossible to adjust height of nails, having extended them so that between a cord and acting points there was a distance of 0,5 sm for brick walls and 1 sm - for wooden.

By the same principle proveshivajut and ceilings. Correctness zaglublenija nails check vaterpasom (fig. 34).

Check with the help vaterpasa privilnosti zaglublenija nails: 1 - a nail; 2 - a ceiling; 3 - vaterpas; 4 - a wall

a Fig. 34. Check with the help vaterpasa privilnosti zaglublenija nails :
1 - a nail; 2 - a ceiling; 3 - vaterpas; 4 - a wall

Proveshivanie of planes can be made and without application of nails. Two workers make preliminary check of a wall, pulling a cord above, below and on diagonals. It already gives the first representation, where also what deviations from a vertical are available. Then in one of the top corners of a wall, having receded on 30 sm from its top, put the first mark from a plaster solution. Defining height of the first mark, are guided by preliminary found greatest camber of a wall. The second mark put in the bottom of a wall on one line with the first, having receded from a floor on 30 see To mark put a rule with a plumb and achieve exact position of marks under the relation to each other on a vertical (for this purpose increase or cut off the second mark).

Under the same scheme, as well as at gvozdimyh walls, expose other plaster marks.

There is basic difference and at proveshivanii negvozdimogo no ceiling. Here too preliminary define its horizontal position, pulling cords on perimetre and on ceiling diagonals.

In one of ceiling corners, receding from top on 30 sm, put the first mark (too being guided by preliminary measurements of deviations from a horizontal). On the established mark put one end vaterpasa, and under other end throw a solution under the second mark. Its height reduce or increase until the cord vaterpasa will not coincide with its vertical axis. So consistently put marks on ceiling perimetre. An average part proveshivajut too with the help vaterpasa, advancing it on a straight line between the opposite marks exposed on perimetre.

It is natural, if the wall or a ceiling has curvature also marks in different places will be various height.

Marks represent the mouldings of a solution equal to height nameta without nakryvochnogo of a layer.