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Defects and repair


Repair of the walls revetted gipsokartonnymi or other sheets, replacing monolithic plaster, is usually reduced to replacement of sheets.

Especially often sheets lose reliability of coupling with a wall when they have been established on a wooden skeleton, and that has been attached to hammered in a brick or concrete wall by stoppers from a crude tree. Stoppers have dried out in due course and were loosened in grooves.

It is necessary to remove sheets, the weakened stoppers rasklinivat, sometimes to add and new. A skeleton anew check on vertical position, strengthen new nails.

Other most widespread defect - occurrence of cracks in seams between facing sheets and in places of joints of sheets with other designs.

Should notice that cracks in seams is, as a rule, result of work of unfair dressers. Above it was already told how to undress seams. And if these rules implicitly are carried out, troubles while in service can be avoided always. shtukatury not only all technological rules execute many, but also the improvements bring, for example, in the mastic filling a crack, close up threads or a thin twine. Such reinforcing justifies itself.

Some obligatory rules. Near door boxes after the facing sheet is adjusted to them zapodlitso, it is necessary a crack prokonopatit a tow moistened in a plaster solution. Let the door platband will close then this crack, but konopatka is all the same obligatory. If it not to make, your laziness necessarily in due course "т№ыхчх=" outside.

It is very difficult to finish seams between sheets when a premise are not going to paste over with wall-paper, but at the same time and do not wish to embroider seams, and demand them to jam zapodlitso and that hem it has not turned out.

At an edge of the next sheets it is necessary to remove a strip of a cardboard From a face sheet at each edge in width 2,5... 3 see the original flute in width 5 Will turn out... 6 see It fill shpaklevkoj, glue a gauze. Then all seam once again rub clean shpatelem absolutely. The seam processed thus on the painted wall will not be swept up.

It was already said that it is very difficult to process properly places of interface of a wall with a ceiling, revetted gipsokartonnymi sheets, - cracks here almost necessarily will appear in due course. And the way to avoid it too was called - the eaves device. To repairmen this way should use widely.

On a course of operation of a building tenants at times spoil facing of walls, without analysis hammering in different nails. And not always receive reliable enough fastening for any heavy subjects - the same pictures.

It is possible to advise for such cases a reliable hook ( fig. 105). In a metal strip in length of 30 mm make an aperture, pass through it a nail bent in the form of a hook. Cut in facing sheet a groove on width of a strip, pass a strip in it and turn - as it becomes with a window leaf shutter. If now between a wall and sheet to put under a hook sulfitno-plaster mastic, it will be strongly closed up and will sustain weight of a picture, a hanger, etc.

the Hook-hanger for the walls revetted gipsokartonnymi with sheets: 1 - sheet GKL; 2 - a nail; 3 - a rectangular strip; 4 - a cut; 5 - mastic; 6 - a wall

a Fig. 105. A hook-hanger for the walls revetted gipsokartonnymi with sheets :
1 - sheet GKL; 2 - a nail; 3 - a rectangular strip; 4 - a cut; 5 - mastic; 6 - a wall