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Acceptance of premises

Having got acquainted with solutions, the tool and mechanisms, we will talk now about the "know-how" of plaster works.

First of all, it is necessary to remember that building is a process of strictly consecutive realisation of the most various operations strongly connected with each other and influencing against each other. If going in advance experts have not completely finished the work or have executed it poor, it will by all means negatively affect work of following experts. Therefore on buildings the control and acceptance of the executed works are entered pooperatsionnyj.

Plaster works can be begun only after when will take place certain term during which time an erected building, its designs have already given inevitable to a deposit if it not to consider, at a deposit plaster coverings will be damaged. For different buildings and designs degree and time deposits are various.

Walls and the columns executed from a piece material on cement mortals, plaster upon termination of a laying of the given floor; combined on limy and difficult solutions - after erection of a following floor.

Walls of one-storeyed and top floors of many-storeyed buildings are authorised to be plastered after their erection irrespective of a sort of a solution applied at a laying.

The longest endurance is necessary in houses with wooden rublenymi walls - they can be plastered not earlier than in a year after building erection.

This rule does not extend on wooden buildings with the frame and panel board walls collected from dry standard details and established on the rigid basis, suppose them oshtukaturivanie at once upon termination of assemblage.

It is necessary to take care of that to the beginning of painting and decorating the device of roads and entrances to a building has been finished, places for warehousing of materials and installation of lifts that the object has been provided by the electric power and water on each floor are defined.

If the building in height only 1 is erected... 3 floors prior to the beginning of its furnish the roof should be ready. In buildings bolshej etazhnosti it is authorised to begin furnish and in the absence of a roof, but it is obligatory in the presence of not less than two ferro-concrete overlappings over a plastered floor.

For external plasters the device of a roof or at least time drains of rain waters from it is the obligatory requirement (constant external drains establish after oshtukaturivanija a facade).

To the beginning of plaster works should be:

  • partitions are established;
  • door and window boxes (windows are glazed);
  • the built in furniture;
  • installation of systems of heating, a waterpipe, the water drain is finished;
  • the latent electroconducting is laid.

It is necessary to check up, whether builders of through cracks, cracks have left. They cannot be covered with a solution - it is necessary preliminary carefully prokonopatit, podbetonit.