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Plaster works

Probably, not be the person biped orthograde, and, suppose, become it to reptiles buildings at us would be under construction at all experience saved up by a civilisation, on absolutely other technology. We Perhaps, would live today in the many-storeyed minks finished with supermodern silt any there with superstratifications of manufacturing of the greatest masters jashcherskoj of an epoch …


However we are representatives of a family of great antiquity homo sapiens and consequently building at us goes since ancient times an established order, with use of the building materials approved by century researches in which basis lies, certainly, all known concrete or, on the building terminology, knitting – a basis of a concrete mix.

By the way, an origin of the concrete rather curiously. The most ancient concrete construction was … a floor in a hut on the bank of Danube, constructed more than five and a half thousand years ago. It has been made of a mix of red clay with gravel. Absolutely not similar on present structure of concrete, isn't that so? However, probably, at terms of building of that time both unpretentious tastes of local population and this pseudo-stone basis underfoot was considered as natives to the magnificent! Something similar is found in ancient China, and also in ancient Egypt where at building the reminding today's were actively used as knitting plaster and izvest.


Actually the beginning conducts modern concrete from … sand from a muzzle of a notorious volcano by name of Vesuvius. At first it was called "сх=ѕьюь" also have thought up it, certainly, great inventors – the progressive ancient Romans who for the first time have tested as a building material humidified volcanic sand from Vesuvius which not only was not washed away by sea salty water, but quickly enough hardened and became through a small time interval skalopodobnym.

Economy for the sake of in scarce enough volcanic sand (similar began to find and in other districts besides bottom of a fatal volcano) have started to add small stones and gravel, having designated it in quality "чхьхэ=ѕьр". So builders seriously also have for a long time found a secret of manufacturing of the man-made stone first in human history. What changes these drevne underwent historical building mixes, is in detail told on corresponding pages of our site.


For today exists two basic versions of plasters: plasters plaster and cement (there is also limy and mixed, that is cement-limy, cement-clay, izvestkovo-plaster and other, but it so, to a word). Plaster is slightly more expensive, but it is thus much more convenient at work so they cope with function of regulation of humidity indoors more plastically, easier, create the best sound insulation and heat conductivity, rather than their cement analoi.

It is necessary to notice that at all variety of modern technologies of furnish of internal premises and alignments of walls and ceilings in the dry ways – gypsum cardboard, finishing panels – nevertheless "ьюъЁ№щ" the way of furnish invariably remains claimed. For example, not to do without in any way oshtukaturivanija in the wet way of damp premises, such as bathrooms or bathrooms, and also basements, where relative humidity of air above 75 percent.


And still "ьюъЁюх" oshtukaturivanie it is rather useful for those unfortunate fellow citizens who adjoins to irresponsible neighbours who do not watch at all a condition of plumbing and sanitary.

Thus, if water nevertheless fills in a room, that, having taken some measures on its removal, you will give chance to plaster artful image known only to it to give an excessive moisture in a premise to dry up most. In this case neighbour's falls at all will not spoil an interior at all their evil intention. Comparisons for the sake of present, what amazement of owners if it at night on a head all falls off slightly got damp diligence of the same neighbours gipsokartonnyj a ceiling will be. By the way, similar stories already happened.

Not to do without plaster application at furnish of arch designs, columns, other decorative elements of an interior.


To doubtless advantages of furnish "ьюъЁ№ь ёяюёюсюь" experts carry also integrity, that is solidity: at furnish by plasters there are no seams, or joints and emptiness as happens at use of gypsum cardboard and other finishing panels. The plastered surface is levelled by experts technologically precisely with an allowance in 2-3 mm on two square metres of a surface.

Besides processing by dry way neekonomna in relation to internal space: gipsokartonnoe alignment of walls and ceilings indoors in 20 square metres "ю=эшьрх=" about one and a half square metres of a total area, while plaster "ё·хфрх=" only half-metre at the maximum plaster coat.


It is harmless, as is initially developed from non-polluting materials. And in addition to all aforesaid, it is extremely durable: correctly processed surface does not require under repair about quarter of the century. Well, unless design podnadoest … And qualitatively executed is decorative-art painting and decorating like "тхэхчшрэёъющ °=ѕър=ѕЁъш" (recollect at least some works Michelangelo, the list of temples of Renaissance) and at all out of competition as give to all premise a kind regally magnificent – any room will seem to the palace.

However, to create this sort of magnificence under force to the present creators-artists whom in Russia remains a little. That the wall cloths left masters will be more valuable. By the way, they will remain under a wax layer – such is technology of the Venetian plaster – not less half a century. Yes that there! Creations of real masters can be met and today on the walls which have remained within millenia! Really ancient Greeks, Romans and even here and there Egyptians here were able to work.


One minus, and rather essential, at plaster works nevertheless is. Alignment and processing of surfaces of buildings and constructions "ьюъЁ№ь" in the way demands practically the one fourth part from time which has been taken away on construction as a whole. Imagine: only on one square metre all the same "тхэхчшрэъш" the house painter-expert spends almost hour of working hours! Well, on more simplified variant of plaster processing leaves time slightly less. However advantages of the given kind of painting and decorating are conclusive.

In a word, this material is neatly characterised by a known phrase: cheaply and "ёхЁфш=ю". And "ѕьшЁр=і" the given way of building painting and decorating in the foreseeable future does not gather.

How to spend all works correctly that it was not necessary to alter or correct the errors admitted at building and to create a unique decor indoors – we will tell to you on pages of our site.