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When "тшэютр=" a solution

The Science and practice have established for a long time also character of defects of plaster coverings, and the reasons, their generating. The most insulting that all defects should not have a place at diligent work at all, at observance of well-known technological rules by all.

Distinguish four principal causes leading to marriage:

  • bad quality of materials for a solution;
  • non-observance of rules of preparation of the basic surfaces to oshtukaturivaniju;
  • wrong performance of works;
  • negligent operation of separate surfaces.

We Will disassemble each of these reasons.

So, about solutions. First of all, it is necessary to remember that in formation of defects can result a wrong choice of solutions. Namely: application of too lean solutions conducts to fall of durability of plaster, too fat solutions cause shrinkable cracks (cracks does not give only pure plaster solution).

The Reason of cracks in plaster is use of the solution, already started to seize in a box.

In the head " Plaster Ёрё=тюЁ№" we in detail spoke about how it is necessary to prepare components of solutions.

Izvest-kipelka before the use in business is extinguished by water and turns or to the limy dough, or in izvest-pushonku.

In komovoj to exhaust always there are particles which are extinguished longer others. And if not to sustain put out izvest certain time, and at once to start up it in a solution not extinguished particles will get to a plaster layer. They necessarily then will co-operate with a moisture, and such process can find out itself even through 2... 3 months and more likely they are shown More often in the external plaster which is constantly in the damp environment.

Particles to exhaust, continuing to be extinguished in a plaster layer, increase in volume, vspuchivajut plaster - and the external crust jumps aside, leaving on a bowl plane. Builders it is the phenomenon name "фѕ=шърьш" or "°=ѕър=ѕЁэющ юёяющ".

How to struggle with "фѕ=шърьш"? Correctly to extinguish izvest. Before release of limy milk it should be passed through a sieve with cells of 0,6 mm.

In marriage can result and substandard pushonka, received with factory, - in it too there can be not extinguished particles. Sometimes pushonku bring in the burst bags it means that it has increased in volume - it was extinguished, while has reached building. It is unsuitable to the use and warm to the touch pushonka. To avoid troubles, it should be presoaked for days water.

With plaster business is easier. If it badly seizes, it is found out at once and it, naturally, will not put on use.

Badly stored cement Is unsuitable for a solution. Presence will tell about it in it of clods and blocks.

To formation "фѕ=шъют" can result application of not washed out sand, zagrjaznenogo clay. Particles of this clay at namokanii increase in volume and behave in a plaster layer, as well as not put out izvest.

For elimination "фѕ=шъют" the damaged places clear away and close up a solution zapodlitso with a plaster surface.