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"-шэшё=хэ" "¤юышфхъюЁ" tiles АБС+ПВХ


These three by the form a different finishing material are united here in one section because all of them are made of polyvinylchloride, technology of facing of walls similar and all are applied by them in public buildings where especially quality furnish is required.

"-шэшё=хэ" - a rolled material. Happens the most different colouring to a smooth and impressive surface. The material heavy - 1 m 2 weighs 2 kg. Width of a tape of 1300 mm, a thickness 1,5... 2 mm.

"-шэшё=хэ" it is whimsical and demands to itself of the attentive relation. Rolls at transportation pack a paper into two layers, carry in vertical position. Depending on what air temperature was at transportation, maintain rolls before to start up them in business. If in the street was, say, 10°Р to unpack cargo it is possible through 12 ch if at zero temperature and more low - the endurance has to be not less than 2 days

In premises where pasting "-шэшё=хэюь" is necessary; painting works should be finished. Rolls bring in this premise, allow to them to rest in bed. Then the panel of the necessary size cut and again allow to them to lie down 24 ch.

Pasting "-шэшё=хэюь" it is conducted on absolutely equal surfaces. If there are roughnesses, flows, okoly concrete stenovyh panels, defects diligently eliminate. Use for this purpose polimertsementnyj a solution. In small-sized rastvoromeshalku (on 40... 80 fall asleep a cement-sandy mix of mark not more low 100 and shut 15%-s' plastifitsirovannoj dispersion PVA. Mobility of a solution should be within 6... 7 sm on a standard cone.

At first grease separate bowls, hollows, allow to them to harden. After that all surface ground 5%-s' dispersion PVA and, without allowing to dry up it, put a continuous layer polimertsementnogo a solution. A thickness of a layer of a solution - 2... 3 mm. It carefully rub clean before reception of a smooth surface. Allow surfaces to dry up.

Before a label "-шэшё=хэр" once again check planes, eliminate a dust, beat off on perimetre of a premise a line of the top border of cloths.

Plastic or rubber shpatelem put on walls glue КН-2 or КН-3 (kumarono-nairitovyj glue) a layer of 0,5 mm and leave not less than on 2 ch.

Panels "-шэшё=хэр" for 15... 20 mines before gluing coat from the back party with glue, but leave dry strips at vertical edges in width of 100 mm. Glue put shpatelem or the painting platen.

Panels glue vnahlestku on 10... 20 mm. Then a sharp knife - to straight lines or with the bent edge - cut at once both panels. Edges unbend, coat with glue and through 15... 20 mines densely press on all height of a seam. If glue somewhere has acted, it there and then remove a wet sponge.

On the top edge of panels put decorative rejku.

"¤юышфхъюЁ" are facing sheets in length of 1800 mm, width 620 mm and thickness of 0,6 mm. Prepare sheets in special forms from rigid polyvinylchloride and a printing film. Drawing receive the volume.

Facing "¤юышфхъюЁюь" conduct on the same technology, as "-шэшё=хэюь". Unique difference that nahlestku here do for width of edges available for sheets. These edges then cut off, and of 2 sm close turned out groove in width rejkoj, a facing upper edge too close rejkoj.

"¤юышфхъюЁ" - a material gentle. Transport it cautiously, at low temperatures at once do not unpack, and maintain from 12 ch to 2 days Store at temperature 18 S

Tiles АБС+ПВХ have length of 600 mm, width of 300 mm and a thickness of 0,9 mm.

It is necessary to tell that designates the strange name of a material. There is such plastic - akrilonit-rilbutadienstirolnyj. Such superdifficult name and to utter difficultly, therefore and call this plastic easier - ABS. From it with the additive of polyvinyl-chloride (PVC), softeners, napolnitelej, dyes also receive film АБС+ПВХ, and then by a pressing method do facing tiles.

Technology of facing the same, as at two previous, only here it is not necessary to cut edges - they equal, them put simply end-to-end.

Transportation Rules, the same storages that for "-шэшё=хэр" and "¤юышфхъюЁр".