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Tools and adaptations

On arms at shtukatura set of the most various tool and the adaptation. There are subjects which it is possible to name standard - they have appeared for a long time, many exist and serve up to now; others now, with change of technological processes of furnish, have almost gone out of use.

With manufacture development, basically the considerable quantity of the so-called rational tool has appeared diligence of rationalizers and inventors. In most cases these subjects help faster and to carry out separate operations more qualitatively.

the Falcon dural: 1 - a cloth; 2 - a flange; 3 - a rivet; 4 - a lining rubber; 5 - ruska rubber; 6 - a tube

a Fig. 13. The falcon dural :
1 - a cloth; 2 - a flange; 3 - a rivet; 4 - a lining rubber; 5 - ruska rubber; 6 - a tube

As we have agreed to consider history of development of plaster cases, we will get acquainted in the beginning with the oldest and elementary representatives of our plaster toolkit.

a Fig. 14. A plaster shovel

a Fig. 14. A plaster shovel

Isstari for solution transferring shtukaturu served the falcon (fig. 13). Once this adaptation was wooden, then it began to make of aluminium. From the falcon the worker took a solution a plaster shovel (fig. 14) and threw over a wall. Small planes rubbed clean wooden poluterkom or the same shovel, and frequently and the falcon.

a Fig. 15. Otrezovka

a Fig. 15. Otrezovka

For an erasure of the plastered site, srezki an excessive solution there is narrower shovel - otrezovka (fig. 15). it is easier and more convenient to work as a plaster ladle Shaulsky (fig. 16) or Ilyukhin's scoop (fig. 17), with which a solution on a wall put directly from a plaster box. In due time have counted up that, using the falcon and a plaster shovel, the worker for change does about 3000 throws by one hand, and to another transfers in this time almost 1,5 t a solution. An another matter if the box with a solution costs nearby, and a ladle much more capacious, than a shovel.

the Plaster ladle

a Fig. 16. A plaster ladle

Boxes happen different, but all of them should not be bulky and should be transported easily. Boxes-stretcher, and also a plaster box-cart (fig. 18) are that, for example, small-sized.


a Fig. 17. A scoop

Put on a wall namet it is necessary to level and jam. Graters (fig. 19) and gladilki (fig. 20) for this purpose serve.

Capacities for transportation of a solution within a floor: and - a box-cart;=boxes-stretcher

a Fig. 18. Capacities for transportation of a solution within a floor :
And - a box-cart; - boxes-stretcher

The grater for zatirki nakryvochnogo a layer with sand of small fraction Is recommended, i.e. A solution from dry zatirochnoj mixes (1 part to exhaust and 1 part ljuberetskogo sand). Our grater has a label from foam rubber.


a Fig. 19. A grater

The Solution put on a surface metal gladilkoj, then process porolonovoj a grater - and this zatirka does not demand shpaklevki.

Gladika metal for nakryvochnogo a layer

a Fig. 20. Gladika metal for nakryvochnogo a layer

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