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Terrazitovye of plaster


Terrazitovymi mixes name the dry colour plaster mixes of factory manufacturing having as knitting izvest-pushonku, to 35% portlandtsementa and in quality napolnitelja a marble flour, mica, marble and quartz sand. Napolnitel in a mix depending on the demanded invoice can be with krupnostju grains from 1 to 6 mm.

Recently terrazitovymi mixes often name dry colour plaster mixes of factory manufacturing of any structure. It is to some extent clear. After all terrazitovye plasters differ from izvestkovo-sandy decorative plasters only in the way of preparation of a solution for nakryvochnogo a layer. Performance receptions terrazitovoj plasters - density of a solution for obryzga and a ground, a way of drawing of all layers, surface furnish tsiklej and giving to it of other invoice - completely remain the same which are accepted for izvestkovo-sandy decorative plasters.

Terrazitovye of a mix shut water directly on a platform. It is important to remember that the established parity of a dry mix and water should be observed strictly in all zamesah by manufacture of works on the given object: change of a quantity of water influences colour of ready plaster.

Besides, it is important to maintain identical time intervals between drawing terrazitovyh layers and their beginning tsiklevki or processings gvozdevoj a brush. Places, tsiklevannye late, will be allocated as more light, and tsiklevannye early - as more dark. Impressive processing spend at a semiplastic condition of a solution, usually through 2... 4 ch after drawing terrazita. But to specify the necessary time it is necessary, spending trial tsiklevku. If grains of sand and a marble crumb jump out, without breaking all layer, means, time has just come.

Terrazitovaja plaster is widely known as plaster for external coverings. But it with success can be applied and to internal furnish of public buildings. Preparatory operations are thus made the same as and at high-quality plaster.

Put nakryvochnyj a layer terrazitovogo a solution with a coarse sand on a usual ground and leave it on 24 ch. After such endurance check, whether the covering is ready to definitive furnish: at zatirke the top layer should be showered a little. SHtukatur arms original "Ёх=ъющ". It is a board in the size 150X150 mm and thickness 20... 25 mm. Nails are in chessboard order hammered into a board. They recede from each other on 15 mm and act from a board on 10... 15 mm. When "Ёх=ъющ" spend on plaster, nails pull out separate grains from the top layer. The surface becomes porous, similar to natural sandstone.

It is possible to change the invoice a little. For example, to finish walls "яюф fragmentary ърьхэі". At this way do not allow to seize to the put and roughly jammed plaster layer, and take a strip of thick glass in the size 300Х100 mm and spend it on a wall from top to down. Glass pulls behind itself separate grains and on a surface there are fragmentary strips which have entitled this way of furnish.

On terrazitovomu to a covering do also the invoice with furrows. To a wall allow to dry up 2... 3 ch also start the device of furrows. The special template is for this purpose necessary. It represents itself(himself) two two-metre bruska, 50 mm connected with each other with a backlash. A template put to a wall and on a backlash place choose furrows, using for this purpose a wooden brush with teeths from a rigid wire.