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solution Preparation on a workplace

In that case when it is necessary to prepare a solution on a place, it is necessary to know variety of obligatory rules.

All components of solutions need to be checked up, prepared to zamesam.

Cement should not contain lumps. In the presence of their cement it is necessary to sift.

Izvest should be in the form of the limy test or limy milk - a product of cultivation of the test water. Can so to happen that at the disposal of dressers is only komovaja izvest-kipelka. It is necessary for extinguishing in advance.

On major projects izvest extinguish the centralised way and bring on platforms in the form of the limy test. But it is necessary to know that at the fresh test always there are particles not completely extinguished to exhaust. If they get to a plaster layer will continue to be extinguished in it, and it will inevitably lead to occurrence "фѕ=шъют" - to serious marriage of plaster.

The Limy dough should be maintained. If it has passed through industrial izveste-gasilki, it is enough to maintain of it within seven days. If at clearing small crushing was not provided to exhaust, and at manual clearing of it it is impossible to reach, endurance term should be not less than 14 days.

In a countryside, at individual building the manual way of clearing is most probable. How it to make?

For clearing it is necessary to exhaust not proceeding box with a latch (fig. 11). It can have the sizes 2Х2Х0.5 m. At small requirement they can be and smaller, for example 1x0,5x0,25 m. the Bottom I advise to make the smaller size as in such capacity it is easier to mix izvest. The ready dough through a final aperture with a grid merge in a hole where maintain.

It is necessary to consider that izvest it is extinguished with different speed. Is bystrogasjashchajasja izvest - the beginning of its disintegration to 10 minutes At a lack of water weight can strongly be warmed up. This grade to exhaust it is necessary to fill in with water completely or in case of strong steam formation still to add water.

the Device for clearing to exhaust

a Fig. 11. The device for clearing to exhaust

At srednegasjashchejsja to exhaust the beginning of disintegration of pieces - 10... 30 minutes Here a layer to exhaust it is possible to fill in with water on half of height, adding small portions.

At clearing medlennogasjashchejsja (the beginning of disintegration more than 30 mines) to exhaust surplus of water are dangerous. kipelki it is necessary to moisten pieces at first with water, and after the disintegration beginning to add water in the small portions. Water apply the hot. Put out izvest protect from potern heat.

Above it was already told, what sand suits solutions. If it is checked up and corresponds to norms on krupnosti grains and cleanliness (there are no harmful impurity) it can be started up in business.

During winter time sand warm up.

Additives to knitting first of all check on a subtlety of their grinding. Bulk additives should pass through a sieve about 4900 otv/sm 2 and leave on a sieve no more than 10%. More the coarse grinding is supposed only when additive particles replace sand.

Additives in the form of the liquid test pass through a sieve with apertures no more than 1 mm or vibrosito with apertures of 0,6 mm.

Turbulent amalgamator SB-43: 1 - a cover; 2 - a motionless tank; 3 - a rotor with shovels; 4 - motionless inclined blades; 5 - a tray for an unloading; 6, 7 - pulleys; 8 - the electric motor

a Fig. 12. Turbulent amalgamator SB-43 :
1 - a cover; 2 - a motionless tank; 3 - a rotor with shovels; 4 - motionless inclined blades; 5 - a tray for an unloading; 6, 7 - pulleys; 8 - the electric motor

Having checked up all components, it is possible to start to zamesam.

Usually shtukaturu most it is necessary to prepare a solution on any small object where is inexpedient to arrange difficult and expensive system of manufacturing and mechanical transportation of a solution to a workplace. To its services exist various small-sized mobile rastvorosmesiteli. It was already told about small, on 40 l rastvoromeshalke. For an example it is possible to result still turbulent amalgamator SB-43 (fig. 12). It is intended for manufacture of cement and limy solutions with immersing of a cone not less than 4 sm, and also type mixes emulsy.

By means of measured capacities through a cover 1 into a motionless tank 2 load components. At first fill in water, then cement, izvest, sand. If prepare an izvestkovo-plaster solution the with the first fill in water, then zamedlitel shvatyvanija, izvest, plaster and a filler.

Materials mixes bystrovrashchajushchijsja a rotor with shovels 3. in its movement results the electric motor 8. on a conic part of a tank there are motionless inclined blades 4. the rotor at rotation rejects on them weight of a solution. Blades, without allowing to spread weight on a tank circle, drive it spirally upwards to the tank centre, therefrom again on a rotor. The ready mix leaves 5 through a window and a tray. Productivity СБ-43 2... 2.6 m 3 /ch, volume ready zamesa 65 l. This weighs rastvorosmesitel 160 kg.

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