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solution Preparation on a workplace (ch. 2)

Irrespective of the fact which in the way prepare a solution: the car or manually - recommends to shut on the basis of the selected structure of components at first a small portion of weight and with these tests to cover small "ърЁ=№" on a wall. Them maintain on stone or brick surfaces during 5дней. After that it is possible to judge, whether the covering meets all requirements shown to quality of plaster, whether the recipe is correctly chosen.

Are very convenient and economic dry rastvornye mixes for plaster works. Them produce on-line at factories and bring on platforms in paper bags of volume no more than 20 kg.

Advantages of such mixes are obvious. Always there will be a place for storage of bags with a mix, there would be only it dry and not on a frost. But, having a stock of a dry mix, dressers do not depend on deliveries "ьюъЁюую" a solution which at all always comes in time.

Use of dry mixes provides high quality of a solution, excludes miscalculations in a dosage of components. All process consists in zatvorenii their water. Here again only it is necessary to watch a weight consistence.

Have brought, say, a dry cement mix of structure 1:2:0,1 - cement, small sand and a calcareous flour as softener. Such mix goes for nakryvochnogo a layer, rasshivki rustov, oshtukaturivanija slopes. The dresser should know that in first Two cases mobility of a solution on a standard cone should be 7... 8 sm, and in the third - 10 see

Can be and such mix: izvest-kipelka: a calcareous flour: small sand (1:1:2). It suits for nakryvochnogo a layer, for zatirki ferro-concrete products. Here not only it is necessary to sustain the necessary consistence of a solution, but also to allow to it to stand not less than 30 mines: izvest-kipelka, a part of a dry mix, should be in time completely, be extinguished.

From dry mixes it is possible to prepare the Solution quickly on a place as required in any small rastvorosmesiteljah. It is very convenient at a small field of operations.

Solutions from a dry cement mix should be used during 4 ch, from limy mixes - during 7... 8 ch.

It is impossible to use cement mortals after their beginning shvatyvanija.

For those who will conceive to construct and finish by own strength own house, some councils about preparation of plaster solutions manually, so to say, in house conditions.

The Limy solution prepare so. The limy dough dilute with water to a condition of liquid sour cream. Then small portions add the sand measured on volume, carefully mixing. After that add water and mix all definitively.

If the limy solution is not developed at once by you, sand and cover with a wet sacking.

The Izvestkovo-cement mortal. Measure the necessary quantity of sand, scatter its equal layer in a trough or a long box. The thickness of a layer should be approximately 30 see On sand put the cement measured on volume. Now a direct shovel mix all it dry (caracole) so that not less than three times the mix has been shovelled. Gartsovku ssypte in rastvornyj a box, dilute with the limy test (taken in the necessary volume) and, adding water, finish a solution to a consistence of dense sour cream.

In the same order prepare cement-clay and cement mortals. Water add before the application of a solution - the cement mortal should be developed during 30 mines after zatvorenija.

If you have to plaster wooden walls and a ceiling, prepare an izvestkovo-alabaster solution. Alabaster will provide the best coupling of plaster with wooden surfaces. Do not enter at once into a solution dry alabaster. Preliminary dissolve with its water and then mix with a limy solution. To use an izvestkovo-alabaster solution it is necessary immediately.

If you have got cement and within summer had not time to start up it in business, do not leave cement on a frost even in a dry place. More often such "схф№" happen at gardeners. Cement at them freezes and departs sometimes several times, catastrophically losing durability. Necessarily check up it before to use.

If you have found out that cement is spoilt, do not push luck. Plaster if at first also will keep will very quickly fall off. The only thing that can advise in some consolation, try to make of this cement any small plates which can go on a frame of beds, paths, etc. It is possible to do small blocks of old cement and as a timbering square packages from under milk can serve.

To check up, whether old cement suits in general, it is offered to prepare at first samples of three types. The first type - concrete. A box fill with gravel, fill in with a solution. Cement, sand and gravel undertake on weight in the ratio 1:3:5.

The Second sample - cement-sandy. A cement and sand mix dilute with water and lead up to a test consistence. It is better to make it is a little exemplary this type at a various combination of cement and sand.

The Third sample - cement. Old cement, including the crushed pieces of the hardened weight, dilute with water to testoobraznogo conditions.

Samples are in packages of 5 days. Time a day moistens them with water. Thus, it is possible to find out degree of safety of properties of cement and to define possibility of use of those or other samples in an economy.

For durability it is good to place in produced blocks armature - a wire, slices of a metal grid.

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