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Result of negligent operation

We need to talk about defects of plaster which do not concern directly builders-dressers, and result from negligent operation of a building.

The Owner of a premise should not forget that the plaster layer though is an artificial stone, but painfully responds on the bad relation to - blows, scratches. It occurs usually at negligent moving of furniture, inept driving in of nails. In the plastered concrete and brick walls it is necessary to put wooden stoppers in apertures preliminary drilled by an electrodrill and only then to hammer into these stoppers in nails. Exist also various djubeli - substitutes of nails which it is easy to hammer directly into a wall.

Often hollows in plaster remain from door handles if not to limit a turn of an opened door. That it did not hit in a wall, most easier to establish for this purpose on a floor a rubber emphasis.

It is necessary to avoid non-uniform heating of any one place of a wall. Moisture inflow here will amplify (it after all always is present at any design) from other places and will entail occurrence already familiar to us vysolok. It is necessary to delete them (we already spoke, what way).

External corners of buildings at entrances, in gates are especially subject to blows. Here protective curbstones or unprofitable metal squares are necessary.

Corners of internal premises where happens populously, for example schools, shops, etc. require protection also. Sometimes in such premises corners even in the course of building do rounded or remove a wide facet.