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the Material for furnish of kitchens and bathrooms


Should tell that gipsokartonnym to sheets in this chapter the big place is not taken casually away. First, GKL have application at furnish of the most mass constructions - apartment houses. Secondly, the worker who has mastered technology, rules of the reference with gipsokartonnymi sheets, without effort will master also working methods with other facing sheets. And in building practice now it is a lot of them.

Time we have mentioned apartment houses, it is necessary to tell about a sheet material which the dresser necessarily will meet here along with gipsokartonnymi sheets.

Having told about furnish GKL of walls, ceilings, slopes, ladders, it was not mentioned yet kitchens and bathrooms. The matter is that here gipsokartonnye sheets do not suit: they avoid damp. And already widely applying dry plaster in living rooms, and bathrooms it was necessary more to finish kitchens "ьюъЁ№ь" in the way or to revet glazurovannoj with a tile.

There were then facing sheets with the obverse invoice "яюф яыш=ъѕ" and in many cases began to replace successfully a natural ceramic tile. These are drevesno-fibrous and asbestotsementnye the sheets covered on the one hand with proof enamel paints.

Asbestotsementnye put sheets in bathrooms, bathrooms, washstands. For gluing use moisture resistant mastics: bitumno-silicate, kazeinotsemetnuju, and also the cement mortals applied to the device of beacons.

At furnish of kitchens, laboratories it is possible to put and asbestotsementnye, and drevesno-fibrous sheets. Krepjat them on gipsoopilochnoj, gipsokleevoj and on plaster mastics. Facing process does not differ almost from facing gipsokartonnymi sheets. Only mastic put both on sheets, and on beacons a thin layer - 1... 2 mm.

Now volume sanitary-engineering cabins are everywhere widespread. Inside they are completely trimmed at factory, and it is necessary to finish external walls on building. These walls are executed from asbestotsementnyh plates and, if not to know, how they conduct themselves at attempts to revet with their usual method the dresser is waited for by affliction. From a smooth surface will jump aside any solution, except sulfitno-plaster mastic.

I Will share how I finished such "ъряЁшчэ№х" planes. It is necessary to moisten asbestotsementnye planes at first with water, then to ground a continuous layer of sulfitno-plaster mastic. The first coat should seize completely. After that facing sheets can be glued on usual gipsoopilochnoj to mastic.

For better quality of furnish I advise to put beacons from a waste gipsokartonnogo sheet. Width of strips - 10... 12 see Put beacons not only above, below and on each side, but also it is in the middle horizontal.

On beacons gipsokartonnye sheets put on sulfitno-plaster mastic. It put on beacons a layer 3... 4 mm, press sheet and is temporary krepjat plaster nails, hammering in them into a beacon line.

If cabin walls are only a little rejected from a vertical, the surface can be levelled a layer of sulfitno-plaster mastic. When the levelling layer will seize, GKL it is possible to paste on gipsoopilochnoj and on sulfitno-plaster mastic. Strips of sulfitno-plaster mastic put in the width 10... 15 sm with the same distance between strips.

In housing construction by these facing materials (gipsokartonnymi, wood-shaving and asbestotsementnymi sheets), as a rule, also limit the list. Sheet materials existing except them go, as a rule, for furnish of administrative, socially-educational, cultural and community and other buildings. About them speech more low.