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When dry plaster only has appeared, walls without solution application got off with it. Under each sheet arranged a wooden framework-skeleton and nailed up sheet. The wooden skeleton and now is used by builders, about it will be told more low.

But krepit sheets on a solution and on mastic are more convenient and cheaper, though some and consider that it to some extent disturbs to full refusal from "ьюъЁ№§" furnish methods. However on a skeleton scarce wood leaves a lot of, and under sheets there are emptiness. And seams on walls it is not possible, properly to process, make impenetrable.

Mastics for a label of sheets it is known much. Originally them krepili on mastic from the pure plaster dissolved with water.

Then plaster mastics began to prepare under the recipe where entered on weight in%: building plaster - 70, a chalk - 28, dekstrin - 2 and water - to the necessary consistence.

Use gipsokleevuju mastic - a mix of building plaster with 2%-s' solution of animal glue.

, economic peno-plaster mastic at which manufacturing it was spent on 30 was favourable in due time... 35% are less than plaster, than at manufacturing of the plaster. As its component the foam prepared on hydrolyzed blood or a soap root served. Here on one volume part of plaster 0,5 parts of foam undertake; the quantity of water and zamedlitelja shvatyvanija undertakes so that zames seized during 20... 40 minutes

However the technology of preparation of this mastic is difficult enough. And it is impossible to forget that the soap root is toxic; loading, cooking, pouring of its ready extract should be conducted in respirators.

Long-term practice has forced the Moscow builders to stop on three mastics: plaster, gipsoopilochnoj and sulfitno-plaster. The structure gipsoopilochnoj mastics varied in the course of time a little.

For example, it is possible (on volume) to take 4 parts of building plaster of I grade and 1,5 parts of wood sawdust. If plaster of II grade 4 parts mix with 1 part of sawdust. Structure shut water with addition izvestkovo-glutinous emulsii (zamedlitel shvatyvanija). Last enter so that mastic has started to seize through 30... 40 minutes Potrebnoe quantity zamedlitelja are defined by laboratory.

Izvestkovo-glutinous emulsiju prepare as follows. In 30... A 50-litre tank presoak glue. On 5 parts of water take 1 part of tiled glue or 2 parts of glue-galerty. Through 8... 12 ch when glue will bulk up, it warm up. Having dissolved glue completely, in a tank add 2 parts of the limy test and boil 5 ch.

Prepare gipsoopilochnuju mastic in rastvoromeshalkah for small capacity (on 40... 80 (fig. 89). At first in a mixing drum fill in water, then zamedlitel shvatyvanija, then sawdust and at last plaster. Mix 4 minutes

Rastvorosmesitel СО-46: 1 - a frame - the cart; 2 - a basic rack; 3 - mixing barabon; 4 - a loading part of a drum; 5 - lopsti a mixing shaft; 6 - rukajatka for drum turn at an unloading; 7 - a safety lattice; 8 - an aperture for a solution unloading; 9 - the electric motor

a Fig. 89. Rastvorosmesitel СО-46 :
1 - a frame - the cart; 2 - a basic rack; 3 - mixing barabon; 4 - a loading part of a drum; 5 - lopsti a mixing shaft; 6 - rukajatka for drum turn at an unloading; 7 - a safety lattice; 8 - an aperture for a solution unloading; 9 - the electric motor

When mastic is ready and unloaded, the electric motor is switched off, the drum needs to be cleared carefully still masterkom and again to fill in water with zamedlitelem. For a short while include the electric motor that it is good to wash walls. If the new portion of mastic is necessary not at once, the mixer in such condition can be left for some time and after to load sawdust, plaster, to do zames.

But in the end of change it is necessary to wash out and leave carefully a mixer the bunker with the exhaust outlet overturned downwards.

Sulfatno-plaster mastic. Dressers were convinced of practical work that the sheets of the dry plaster which pasted on the wooden basis or have been stuck together with each other, on usual mastics keep badly. Experimenting different structures, bards have tried to shut plaster a solution sulfatno-spirit. Sulfatno-spirit the bard is a pulp and paper industry withdrawal. For different needs on buildings it use widely enough. The bard happens four marks: KBZH - a concentrate bards liquid, KBT - a concentrate firm, KBP - a concentrate poroshkoobraznyj and thermopolymer - the thermoprocessed polymer. On building bring KBT is more often.

For preparation of sulfitno-plaster mastic paste SSB is necessary (sulfitno-spirit the bard), prepare it on-line, in a special workshop. In a copper supplied lopastnym with shaft, pour preliminary nagretuju to 90°Р water and load to the bard (100 kg KBT on 40л waters). Bards and receptions of homogeneous weight warm up and stir before full dissolution (on it leaves Z. 4ч).

In paste SSB, razogretuju to 45...50°Р, enter plaster (it preliminary sift through vibrosito), intensively stirring before reception of homogeneous weight.

On sulfitno-plaster mastic it is possible to paste not only gipsokartonnye sheets, but also linoleum and a parquet. On it without any nails door platbands, balcony thresholds, plinths, wooden corners well keep.