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Furnish of slopes (ch. 2)

In modern prefabrication houses from details of the raised factory readiness there is necessity even in oshtkaturivanii no internal slopes, not to mention external, - all it becomes at factories.

And here if it is necessary to get on the old house or erected in the old manner, moreover to you will suggest to plaster an external facade here without experience of old men not to manage. And furnish of an external slope, perhaps, it will be far not the easiest operation.

Here again first of all put directing rejki. A plane between rejkoj and the window block, and also an interval between frames fill with a solution And level special templates.

Zaglushiny between window boxes plaster the same solution, as internal premises, level shaped malkoj (fig. 50), giving zaglushine the fillet form. After levelling them usually process zhelezneniem.

Furnish zaglushiny shaped malkoj: 1 - malka; 2 - zaglushina; 3 - a window frame

a Fig. 50. Furnish zaglushiny shaped malkoj :
1 - malka; 2 - zaglushina; 3 - a window frame

External window slopes finish with the same solution what plaster a building facade.

Brick buildings not always plaster outside but only diligently embroider laying seams. And round windows create from a solution so-called "Ёхьх°юъ" - continuation of an external slope on a wall. These "Ёхьх°ъш" - tapes plaster simultaneously with slopes.

The Block template represents itself the P-shaped wooden frame, on height and width corresponding to a window aperture.

From outside, turned to a wall, the block has a groove in width of 4 sm and depth 2 see the adaptation Is attached to a wall by means of metal laths 1 with the probes passed through them 2 (fig. 51).

the Block template for "Ёхьх°ър": 1 - fixing laths; 2 - probes

a Fig. 51. A block template for "Ёхьх°ър":
1 - fixing laths; 2 - probes

Having established the block, throw in a groove a solution, trying it it is better to condense. This very important condition: well stamped solution gives the equal, beautiful frame of a window decorating a facade of a building.

I Will notice that without such adaptation the device "Ёхьх°ър" it is possible to entrust only skilled shtukaturu. Using the block-template, the frame can execute and the beginner-dresser. And last can even process two windows while the good master, but without the block, will potter with one.

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