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Furnish of corners

Any premise has, naturally, not one flat surfaces - walls and ceilings. There is enough here corners, slopes, rustov, eaves, niches - and all it demands furnish, and especially careful. If on the big direct plane small discrepancy can be and not noticed curve rust or carelessly jammed corner will be evident at once. And the careless window slope spoils all impression about furnish: after all recollect that, entering into an unfamiliar room, you it is obligatory, that, maybe, without noticing, first of all look at a window.

Not casually in instructions about conditions of maintenance of high-quality furnish we read: "КЁр=хыіэю carry out plaster of window and door slopes, radiatornyh niches, places of interfaces of walls with a floor, usenkov and luzg, applying for this purpose corresponding шэё=Ёѕьхэ=№" and further: "КЁр=хыіэю undress rusty in floorings of overlappings - rusty should be яЁ ьюышэхщэ№".

How and than to carry out these operations?

In the head about the tool shtukatura we have already got acquainted with special angular semigraters. For internal corners serves semigraters luzgovoj, for external - usenochnyj. Them usually do of the rectangular metal plates bent at an angle 90° or even from boards.

I have a little changed their design. Dural cloths of semigraters cut off from both ends at an angle 30° to the ends has attached steel knifes. On fig. 46 just also it is shown such usenochnaja gladilka.

/improved usenochnaja gladilka

a Fig. 46. Improved usenochnaja gladilka

Such advanced tool helps to remove well surpluses of a solution (surpluses easily leave through the apertures formed as a result of an angular cut).

Screw reechnyj a clip: 1 - a core with a carving; 2 - a flange; 3 - a core; 4 - a tip

a Fig. 47. Screw reechnyj a clip :
1 - a core with a carving; 2 - a flange; 3 - a core; 4 - a tip

The Operating procedure consists in the following. When the corner is grounded, spend poluterkom from below upwards and in the opposite direction. Further put nakryvochnyj a layer and again pass poluterkom from below upwards and from top to down. The surface turns out smooth, equal. Now it is enough to walk on it slightly felt or porolonovoj a grater and furnish is finished.

Such order is identical and to furnish luzgov, and for furnish usenkov.