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plaster Drawing

Now we will pass directly to plaster drawing - oshtukaturivaniju. We will repeat that usual (monolithic) plaster happens three kinds: simple, improved and high-quality.

Simple plaster consists of two layers - obryzga and a ground, is conducted without proveshivanija and checks by a rule. A nakryvochnyj layer do not put, only rub clean a ground surface. Corners, slopes, pilasters, level columns poluterkom. The average thickness plaster nameta does not exceed 12 mm.

The Improved plaster consists of three layers - obryzga, a ground and nakryvki. Conduct it without proveshivanija. Accuracy check by means of a rule. A nakryvochnyj layer rub clean wooden or felt graters or smooth down rubber and steel gladilkami. An average thickness nameta - 15 mm.

High-quality plaster consists of a layer obryzga, one or several layers of earth, nakryvochnogo a layer. Carry out it with preliminary proveshivaniem surfaces and installation of beacons. The average general thickness nameta high-quality plaster should not exceed 20 mm.

Before starting drawing obryzga do not forget to check up a wall once again. If from a brick and concrete dry, them it is necessary to humidify designs slightly that they did not take away a moisture from solutions during them tverdenija.

Obryzg put on walls, watching that it laid down on a surface without admissions, filled all roughnesses. The thickness obryzga on wooden surfaces should be no more than 9 mm and cover dranochnuju an upholstery. Obryzg do not level, only remove separate thickenings if those have turned out.

The Ground put only after obryzg will harden a little. Each layer of earth should not exceed 7 mm at limy, izvestkovo-plaster solutions and 5 mm at cement mortals. Each subsequent layer of earth (if those it is required a little) put after shvatyvanija previous - if use izvestkovo-plaster, difficult or cement solutions. If apply a limy solution readiness for drawing of the subsequent layer comes after pobelenija the previous.

Each layer of earth level. At the improved plaster it do poluterkom after the beginning shvatyvanija.

At high-quality plaster ground levelling conduct on beacons rules, semigraters. If apply the beacons which thickness exceeds a thickness of plaster (for example, wooden) levelling conduct by means of special malok.

Nakryvochnyj a layer - the person of plaster. For it take a semi-fluid solution with a small filler. The thickness nakryvki after zatirki, smoothing down should not be for usual plaster more than 2 mm.

The Solution for nakryvochnogo a layer prepare on a place. It is very convenient to use for this purpose dry rastvornye mixes on fine-grained sand. If use usual solutions they should be filtered through a sieve with cells of 1,5 mm.