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Bumazhno-layered plastic


Bumazhno-layered plastic receive by hot pressing of the special papers impregnated synthetic fenoloformaldegidnymi and karbamidnymi with pitches.

Such finishing material of water racks, is not afraid of heats and influence of acids. The glossy surface simulates valuable breeds of a tree or a natural stone. With it finish walls, partitions, sanitary-engineering cabins.

The Industry lets out bumazhno-layered plastic of the most various sizes: in the length 400... 3000 mm, width 400... 1600 mm and thickness 1... 3 mm.

Glue bumazhno-layered plastic on the equal, well cleared surfaces. Glue apply КН-3 or 88-N. In it add a powder kaolina (50% from glue weight), well mix. Store in hermetically sealed container.

Glue is toxic. Works conduct in an aired premise, in overalls. Upon termination of works carefully wash hands with warm water with soap.

Before the beginning of works check flatness of finished surfaces and humidity of a premise - it should not exceed 8%.

The Skeleton under plastic plates do the wooden. Vertical bars put under joints of sheets and in the middle between joints.

Preparations cut a power saw, edges prifugovyvajut.

In sheet in advance do apertures for the fixing zinced nails and decorative screws with a round head. Nails will be hammered along the edges of sheet on distance of 5 mm from edge with step 150... 200 mm, under them it is necessary to prepare apertures in diameter of 2 mm.

In the middle of sheet the screws, which length of 20 mm and diameter of 3 mm will be put. Under them drill apertures with step 200... 400 mm.

Facing begin with promazyvanija surfaces glue, then oshkurivajut an underside of plastic and gear shpatelem put glue a layer 0,5... 0,7 mm. Put sheet to a skeleton and press. Krepjat nails on perimetre. In the middle screw up screws with a round head.

Seams between sheets close plastic, metal or wooden apportions, wide enough to close on perimetre nails. Apportions krepjat the same screws what are put on the sheet middle, and have them with the same step.