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Artificial marble


The Majority of kinds of decorative plaster at desire with success can be applied to internal and external works. The exception represents, perhaps, only artificial marble used for furnish of internal premises.

But artificial marble - oselkovyj (plaster) and utjuzhnyj (limy) - directly does not concern plaster works, though is formed by drawing on a plane of special plaster weight. These are very difficult, labour-intensive processes which are carried out by experts-marbleworkers.

Shtukatury name artificial marble other kind of the furnish entering into their professional duties. An essence here that put a finishing layer a solution for which prepare from white cement with mica and a marble crumb on a usual plaster ground.

Such kind of plaster is known very much for a long time. Earlier nakryvochnyj a layer rubbed clean wooden semigraters. Stones of a marble crumb scratched a tree more, than it was possible to tree to smooth down a surface well. Nakryvku it is possible to put differently. Process proceeds so. At first put a layer of a pure cement mortal in the thickness 2... 3 mm and, without allowing to seize it, at once put a mix with a marble crumb, smooth down a surface. On the developed technology a surface after that covered with a damp bast mat and left for 12 days, watching, that the bast mat did not dry up. Very hardly and long was after that ottirat a decorative layer, even applying karborund.

Operation can be accelerated and facilitated if to maintain nakryvochnyj a layer only 3... 4 days, to definitive shvatyvanija.

The First ottirku make coarse-grained karborundom and then shpakljujut a surface a marble dust with cement.

Next day apply fine-grained karborund, on the third - pass sandstone.

For 12th day after weight packing ottirka comes to the end (instead of begins, as earlier). A plane process oselkom, cover with the wax dissolved in turpentine, and wipe soft rags. The surface turns out monophonic and shining.